About Us

About Us


Evan and Nicolle come from families of small business owners. You’ll find Evan at the Big Green Egg Grills, while Nicolle works the fresh wholesome ingredients that top Evan’s savory smoked meats. Working with food, putting flavors together and coming up with new recipes is something both have grownup enjoying. With Nicolle’s grandparents spending years in New Orleans, and her families passion for food, the truck is a testament to amazing family recipes, and love for quality food.

Living in Anderson, a suburb of Cincinnati, the couple had dreamed about bringing fresh quality, wholesome food to their neighborhood. The Expecting of their second child was the motivation that drove them to go after that dream.

With a dream in hand Evan purchased the 1950 vintage trailer the night before their second child was born. The trailer was scheduled for next day delivery but was obviously rescheduled due to the exciting arrival of their baby girl.

So now with two small kids Evan took on the project of a lifetime. It took him nearly a year to complete it. Included in his dream of healthy wholesome food was also the concern of the carbon footprint the truck would leave. The design of the trailer includes eco friendly equipment, recycled parts and great efficiency. He knew from the start that the Tin Man Grill would house not one, but, TWO Big Green Egg Grills, with great temperature control and needing very little charcoal, they were the perfect choice. .

The Tin Man Grill Trailer is a 1950 spartan trailer built by Paul Getty, a billionaire, who owned the spartan aircraft company a plane manufacturer. After the war, Getty had built thousands of planes and was looking for a new idea. He decided to create the most radically unique luxury trailer of its time, the Spartan Manor Travel Trailer, designed after one of there spartan planes the Executive. Another reason Evan was so drawn to this trailer it’s was so different and new for the time.

The Couples in-depth understanding of customer service and overall customer experience makes your visit to the The Tin Man Grill one you will want enjoy over and over again